About Us

Port of Call offers a referral service to private rehab treatment in the UK and advice and information about what’s on offer.

The service was born out of the experience of founder Martin Preston, who has been in sustained recovery from alcohol and drug addiction since 2004. Martin and his family found a void in terms of where to turn for help and advice when he needed it, resulting in an initial residential rehabilitation placement that wasn’t right for him. 

At Port of Call, we understand the differences between the rehab services on offer and will take the time to explain them to you to help you make the right choice.

Since its inception in 2015, Port of Call’s team has organised hundreds of interventions, detoxes, rehab and counselling placements.

Our advisers will refer you to the treatment services they believe are best suited to your circumstances. 

When you book through us, we receive a fee from the provider, but you will pay the same – sometimes less – than if you book direct. Our advisers do not get paid commission.